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Polisson is terrifyingly excellent; anyone who sees the film’s final minutes will know why. 

The cast of six blend well with one another. The person that really steals the show is Natalie Polisson as Kia, the dumb blond Valley girl-type that may be an adult, but holds the mentality (and the body) of a fifteen year old! Her character has plenty of stage time that just gets better each minute that adds quite a bit to the play’s comic relief. And with its single act presence, the one-liners are tight enough where a touch of bittersweet settlement remains.


The Ensemble (Erica Ibsen, Natalie Polisson, Briana Price and Elise Zell), a vigorous quartet of dancer/singers, are the backbone of the show. With unflagging energy and calm composure, they execute April Thomas’s complex choreography with a precision necessary in the tight confines of the available space. They express a work-a-day sexuality that is, amazingly, kind of innocent.

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