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Natalie Polisson is a versatile actress, blending her talents as a singer and violinist into her career. Originally from northwest Indiana, she holds a BFA in musical theatre and has worked professionally on both stage and in front of the camera in many areas of the country.​


Her artistic journey led her to the heart of the industry in Los Angeles, where she continues to fine-tune her craft at several esteemed institutions such as John Rosenfeld Studios, Annie Grindlay Studios,  and the renowned world of improvisational comedy at Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB). Through these experiences, Natalie cultivates a diverse skill set that continues to shape her dynamic performances.


​Natalie's recent work reflects her dedication to her craft and her ability to breathe life into her roles. "The Rise of the Supermouth," a production led by Daniel Robert Cohn and Evan J. Cholfin, recently had its world premiere at Dances with Films in Hollywood and is now available online. Audiences worldwide can also watch her compelling performance in "Piercing Wounds," available on Amazon Prime. The feature film "Eddie," earned her acclaim at both the Cannes World Film Festival and the esteemed Rome Prisma Awards.​


As her career continues to rise, Natalie is enchanting audiences with her voice in "Glisten and the Merry Mission," an eagerly anticipated animation feature co-produced by Build a Bear Entertainment and Foundation Media Partners, which hit Cinemark theatres early in November 2023 and is now available on both Amazon and Apple for streaming.​


Natalie's talent has garnered several award nominations, including a notable Best Actress win for her role in "Piercing Wounds" at the Christian Online Film Festival and a Best Actress award for her work in "Maladjustment" at the Star City Film Festival .​Beyond her theatrical triumphs, Natalie is known for her versatility in commercial work, embodying various roles and characters. Her infectious sense of humor and love for comedy have endeared her to a wide audience, making her a sought-after talent in various domains. Natalie’s love for the outdoors fuels her adventurous spirit, with hiking and exploring serving as sources of inspiration. Her dedication to fitness and her sense of adventure are testaments to her vibrant spirit, adding depth to her already captivating persona.​


Currently represented by The Polygon Group, Natalie has an unwavering commitment to her craft and a spirit that embraces every opportunity for growth and exploration. 

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