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Interested in coaching?

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Whether you want be prepared for future auditions, prep an upcoming audition, sharpen your toolbox, or simply dip your toes into the art of acting, I would love to coach you on your way. I have been working as a professional actor for over 13 years both on stage and in front of the camera. I have learned quite a bit of technique in my training (Stanislavski, Meisner, Mastrogeorge, Rasa Boxes, Mask work, etc) and after teaching and coaching students in 22-23' I discovered how much I love helping others create,


Acting is a team effort and when you're on set you work with a director, cinematographer, and other actors . Having another pair of knowledgable eyes on you can do wonders. I continue to take classes and workshops and I'm still coached myself on certain auditions. These casting directors see hundreds, if not thousands of submissions to just GET the audition. Then IF you get the audition, you know everyone selected is top tier. How will you stand out? Good is the enemy of great. Bringing your unique perspectives and authenticity to each performance can truly make a difference in your work. Let's be FANTASTIC and original in 2024!

  1. Audition Preparation: Providing guidance on audition techniques, how to approach different types of auditions (commercial, film, theatre, TV), and helping actors understand what casting directors look for in auditions.

  2. Script Analysis and Character Development: Assisting actors in breaking down scripts, understanding their character's desires, and developing authentic and dynamic performances that stand out.

  3. On-Camera Technique: Offering insights into acting for the camera, understanding angles, eye-lines, and how to adapt performances for different types of shots.

  4. Individualized Coaching: Tailoring coaching sessions to address the specific needs and goals of each actor, focusing on their strengths and areas requiring improvement.

  5. Building Confidence: Helping actors build confidence in themselves and their work and overcome nerves, allowing them to deliver powerful performances.

  6. Networking and Industry Insights: Sharing knowledge about the industry, providing guidance on navigating auditions, finding representation, and networking effectively.

  7. Continual Learning: Emphasizing the importance of ongoing learning and growth in the field of acting, including staying updated on industry trends.

If this sounds like something that interests you, email me and we can set up an introductory 10 minute phone call to talk about your career, goals, and what exactly you are looking to achieve. With this information I can design a unique lesson plan, tailored to your needs accordingly. I can't wait to see what your brilliant talents create!

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