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Spring has Sprung!

Remember when I started a blog? Oh yea, me too! Ha! Things have been cooking over in actor/model land. Yes you read that right. MODEL land. I have had a lot of bookings lately as a model! How cool? I had a few beauty ads recently and some super fun photoshoots. I can't wait to share the photos!

Oh and I started filming for Flawed the Musical Season 2! We also recorded in the studio which was such a joy and something I don't get to do too often. I miss singing and dancing.

And something awesome worth mentioning is that a short I was a part of is now hitting the film festivals and doing well! So proud of this team! Check it out here - The Occult Son <3

It is currently premiering at Panic Fest – Horror Thriller Sci-Fi Fest ( and can be rented until the 16th! Other accolades include Official Selection at Venice Shorts Film Awards, Official Selection at Austin After Dark Film Festival and a FINALIST at Frostbite International Online Film Festival.

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