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Busy Bee!

How is May almost over? What's happening?

Things are cooking over here with lots of auditions both virtual and IN PERSON. Yes I said 'in person', how exciting! I have had some great meetings as of late and I have some ideas for my own projects coming up.

Oh and I wrapped on a recurring role in Flawed the Musical: Season 2, a web series that is spot on to life in the musical theatre world. Troy Boone wrote the script, the music, choreographed it and everything. He is a creative BOSS. I can't wait to see the finished product and to have you all download these tracks on Spotify!

You are also looking at the newest improviser at UCB! So excited to flex these improv muscles once again. I love comedy and have some comedic scripts of my own in the works!

Check out my comedic reel here that was updated yesterday!

Everyday I'm hustling (insert LMFAO music)



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