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Adding some Flair this spring season =)

My spot with Ric is out and on your tv's so be on the look out to spot it in the wild! It is so ridiculous, but I love it. What a glorious and fun day on set. These are the days I am so grateful to be able to do what I do and PLAY! You best believe I touched that belt, because I 100% did.

I have had a few lifestyle shoots as of late, involving bikes. Yes, you read that right. Not mad about it because I love bike riding and getting a good workout in. Lots of auditions have been rolling in (some callbacks too, yippee!) and my class with John Rosenfeld is teaching me SO MUCH about multi-cam comedy. I see myself growing weekly. It isn't always easy, but growing is necessary and exciting, especially in this crazy, creative career.

Have a blessed day and good luck with taxes (I need it!)

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