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2021! Let's Go!

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Happy New Year everyone! Let's pray this year is better than the last, it has to be right? Anyway, I am JAZZED about this upcoming year! My new reels are up on my site, IMDB, and Youtube channel! WOO! I booked a lead role in a national cable commercial that should be airing shortly, as well as a few other gigs. When I say I am grateful, I really am. Any and all work is a blessing especially with this virus and to get to do what I am most passionate about is AWESOME! I am also getting back into my scheduled fitness/health routine with #MBF by Beachbody (my coach site) and in just under two weeks noticing a big difference. It feels so good and I am thankful to have a strong body that can move!


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