Lots of things have been happening here in LaLa Land! I have had a very fruitful past year.


A year ago I booked a guest star on People Magazine Investigates on Investigation Discovery. I shot a few small commercials and booked a print ad for a women's health campaign in a pregnant suit! Then I was part of a BEAST of the psychological thriller, Perennial, which was shot on a sound stage over the course of 10 days. I was so blessed to have worked with Thomas McNamara on this exhausting, but yet gratifying experience. I learned SO much and am looking forward to seeing what the film accomplishes in the film festival circuit. The best part to ending my 2018 was booking another lead in the horror short Dedbeach and working with my lovely co-star Shelby Yardley. Can't wait to see the final product!

2019 started off strong! I shot a commercial for Honey which is still airing on BBC, TruTV, SyFy and a few other places I have lost track of. I was on set for a week with Oxygen's In Ice Cold Blood with a guest star and some other various roles. I shot a print ad for Stella Rosa (didn't get to drink the wine unfortunately) and was part of an Adidas Industrial. Then I booked the lead in Grief, Rage and Her Keepers where I portrayed a woman with Dissociative Identity Disorder trying to make sense of her confusing reality. I spent hours with the director grasping what I could of this amnesia-like condition. Scott wrote this beautiful film because he grew up with a close family member who had D.I.D. and wants to bring awareness to the disorder. Terry Berland cast the short and did so wonderfully. Tara Jean O'Brien and Jessica Porter are immensely talented women who I hope to work with again someday. 

I shot three exciting episodes of SOLVEHQ and the comedy short Bake it Till You Make It. I was also a part of a promo for Brightburn with Sony and IGN, a fun promo with Lil Dicky for his new show on FX and  a fun commercial for the Zebra EC30, a new product to help stores thrive in a market of online shopping.

Stay tuned for more!

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People Magazine Investigates