Lots of things have been happening here in LaLa Land! Bookings have been fruitful and I am grateful. I officially became SAG Eligible this year (yay!) and below is a snapshot of some projects I have been working on!

I worked a few days on the horror short Dedbeach and modeled for the new clothing website. Possession is fun. I shot a commercial for Honey which aired on BBC, TruTV, SyFy, Hulu and Youtube. I shot a print ad for Stella Rosa (didn't get to drink the wine unfortunately) and was part of an Adidas Industrial. Then I booked the lead in Grief, Rage and Her Keepers where I portrayed a woman with Dissociative Identity Disorder trying to make sense of her confusing reality. I spent hours with the director grasping what I could of this amnesia-like condition. Terry Berland cast the short and did so wonderfully. Tara Jean O'Brien and Jessica Porter are immensely talented women who I hope to work with again someday. 

 I shot three exciting episodes of SOLVEHQ and the comedy short Bake it Till You Make It. I was also a part of a promo for Brightburn with Sony and IGN, a fun promo with Lil Dicky for his new show on FX and  a fun commercial for the Zebra EC30, a new product to help stores thrive in a market of online shopping.

Most recently I shot commercials for Auction.com, Conversmart, Elta MD Skincare and I am Net Worthy as well as print ads for MeUndies and Orgain. 2019 finished with a great role in the dark comedy "The Occult Son", which will be hitting film festivals in 2020.

I recently booked a feature, a few shorts and a Super Bowl Commercial I am shooting very soon!

Stay tuned for more!

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