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Happy 2023!

If you have Youtube or Hulu or any sort of streaming service you have probably seen my vampire face come up and try to sell you Native sunscreen, which is indeed is an amazing product! I had a blast on this multiple day shoot and honestly I've always dreamed of playing a vampire, so I am beyond grateful for the experience. It was my second time working with The Raindrop Agency and I am a big fan of their humorous spots.
2022 was an amazing year full of several features and I ended the year filming a lead out of Portland called Piercing Wounds with Confound Productions. Not only did I learn a ton as an actor and love the experience, but I met the most lovely people. Oregon is beautiful.

I finished the year STRONG with a recording session for the animation feature Glisten and the Merry Mission with Foundation Media Partners and Build-a-Bear Entertainment. The story is so sweet and touching and I can't wait until you all get to see it at Christmas!

Honestly so many exciting projects coming up including a recurring character on a show outside of Chicago =)

Stay tuned!


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