Lots of things have been happening here in LaLa Land! Bookings have been fruitful and I am grateful. Below is a snapshot of just some projects I have worked on!


I shot a commercial for Honey which aired on BBC, TruTV, SyFy, Hulu and Youtube. I booked the lead in Grief, Rage and Her Keepers where I portrayed a woman with Dissociative Identity Disorder trying to make sense of her confusing reality. I spent hours with the director grasping what I could of this amnesia-like condition. Terry Berland cast the short and did so wonderfully. Tara Jean O'Brien and Jessica Porter are immensely talented women who I hope to work with again someday. This was such a fulfilling experience as an actor and I am so blessed to have had it.

 I shot three exciting episodes of SOLVEHQ and was also a part of an exciting promo for Brightburn with Sony and IGN, directed by David Yarovesky.  I also shot a commercial for the Zebra EC30, a new product to help stores thrive in a market of online shopping, which put my hosting skills to work!

In late 2019 I shot commercials for Auction.com, Elta MD Skincare and I am Net Worthy as well as print ads for MeUndies and Orgain. The year finished with a great role in the dark comedy "The Occult Son", which will be hitting film festivals in 2020. The new year started off with a bang by being in Taylor Swift's new music video "The Man', some Jay Shetty videos, and being cast in Beachbody's test group for a new program called 'Muscle Burns Fat' (teaser above). The most interesting and challenging project was being a recurring character in "The Harvey Weinstein Podcast Unfiltered", which had us actors re-enact the trials happening that day in New York (verbatim) for the world to hear. The podcast is currently in the top 50 true crime podcasts in some areas of the world!

Before the pandemic I booked a few features and a few shorts. In the past two months I have had the pleasure of safely shooting 'Eat Crow', a horror short written by Terri Gilboy and directed by William d'Anthony, as well as a few Prince EA videos and lots of commercials with Lemonlight Productions! My dream casting was being a part of the 'Muscle Burns Fat' Cast for the advanced version sample workout! I am beyond grateful!

Stay tuned for more!

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